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Posted by on Oct 31, 2014 in BC Classic | 0 comments

Podcast Episodes from October 2014


Episode 11 – Video Game Crossovers

Chris and Jim discuss crossovers in video games.

Episode 12 – Theater, Mythology and Ritual in the Modern Age (feat. Thomas Riccio)

Chris sits down for an interview with Thomas Riccio, a professor at the University of Texas at Dallas and the poo pah doo of Dead White Zombies, a Dallas-based theater group. Among the topics for discussion are the relevance of theater today, given the dominance of television and film; how mythologies and ritual play into modern culture; and how installation performance (a Dead White Zombies speciality) is similar to game design.

Episode 13 – Shadow of Mordor; Emerging Gamer Sub-cultures (feat. Will Parsons and Dr. Adam Brackin)

We’re joined again by Will Parsons and Dr. Adam Brackin to discuss topics surrounding “Shadow of Mordor.” Plus, how we’d turn underutilized concepts in gaming into RPGs.

Episode 14 – Halloween Spooktacular 2014; Developing InnerSpace (feat. Eric Brodie and Tyler Tomaseski)

In our Halloween spooktacular podcast, Eric Brodie and Tyler Tomaseski of PolyKnight Games join us to talk about “InnerSpace,” now on Kickstarter. Plus, the guys chat about what makes for a good horror game.

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