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Posted by on Jun 8, 2018 in Featured, Role With It | 0 comments

Camp Lucky Strike – The Prequel: Episode 1

Role With It Unplugged MYnD_small

“Role With It: Unplugged,” Ep. 13.

WARNING: Adult content.

In this prequel to Role With It’s “Camp Lucky Strike” (, a US Army officer nicknamed “Lucky” finds a lover murdered in his tent. Meanwhile, a military police lieutenant and a civilian manager with the USO each scramble to keep their people safe amongst rumors of serial killers and the stress of war.

This episode features an alpha version of the “Murder Your n Darlings” (MYnD) Roleplaying System by Doc & Krueger Games. The GM is Adam “Doc” Brackin, and the players are Chris Krueger, Will Parsons, and Kevin Paul. Editing by Chris Krueger. Music by Nick Krueger.

You may also enjoy the Backward Compatible Podcast — games and new media with a splash of academia. Check it out on SoundCloud (@backward-compatible) or subscribe on iTunes (

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