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Posted by on Apr 30, 2015 in BC Classic | 0 comments

Podcast Episodes from April 2015


Episode 23 – Recent Trends in Gaming (feat. Leighton and Rosalie Luckey)

Leighton and Rosalie Luckey join Chris and Jim to discuss downloadable content, Amiibo, and the state of Sega’s franchises. Is Sonic dead? Tune in to find out!

Episode 24 – Developing GENRE the Card Game

Jim asks Doc & Chris about their new game “GENRE.” Plus, we welcome Adam “Doc” Brackin as the newest member of the Backward Compatible crew and discuss a new direction for the site.

Episode 25 – The Mechanics of Storytelling

Jim, Doc and Chris discuss the mechanics of storytelling and relate them to tabletop roleplaying games. Plus, the guys use GENRE cards to create a scenario and characters for a last-minute RPG session.

Episode 26 – Famicom Feud

A group of guests join us to play a round of “Famicom Feud,” hosted by Jim. Plus, the group talk about some of their earliest experiences with gaming.

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