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Posted by on Nov 30, 2014 in BC Classic | 0 comments

Podcast Episode from November 2014

Episode 15 – The Lost Pod

What? A lost podcast? Okay, who forgot to hit record? See Episode 16 for more details.

Episode 16 – Exploring Dragon Age Keep

Jim and Chris create a custom world state in the Dragon Age Keep. Do a fallen warden and a self-loathing Hawke leave a world worth playing in? You decide.

Episode 17 – Thanksgiving Special 2014 (feat. A. Brackin, E. Brodie, K. Davis, B. Frye and B. Turner)

In this special Thanksgiving episode, Jim and Chris have a round-the-table chat with their biggest-ever group of guests, both familiar and new: Adam “Doc” Brackin, Eric Brodie, Karsten Davis, Bobby Frye and Breanna Turner. A variety of (very nerdy) topics come up as everyone shares their favorite holiday gaming memories, from the best dialogue options in video games, to interesting fan edits of the Star Wars films. Plus, Doc makes a few gaming confessions and challenges the group to guess which of them is true.

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