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Posted by on Dec 24, 2016 in Featured, Role With It | 0 comments

Holiday Special – Union of Magical Child Care Professionals

Role With It Unplugged 15

“Role With It: Unplugged,” Ep. 12.

A trio of magical child care professionals are tasked with teaching their newly-assigned wards (not all of whom are technically children) the true meaning of Christmas. They learn…SOMETHING by the end. We think.

This episode features “Union of Magical Child Care Professionals” by Greg Engel of TopSecret Games. The GM is Adam “Doc” Brackin, and the players are Chris Krueger, Will Parsons, and Sarah Christina Wells. Editing by Chris Krueger. Music by Nick Krueger.

You may also enjoy the Backward Compatible Podcast — games and new media with a splash of academia. Check it out on SoundCloud (@backward-compatible) or subscribe on iTunes (

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